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"During my junior and senior year of high school, i was falling behind in my pre cal and calculus quickly and my teachers were unable to help me catch up. After, spending a few days of various topics with Romel, a tutor that works here, i was catching up extremely fast and by the end of the semester i went from a F to a B plus. Thanks alot for helping me."
Shauna H
"Great teacher, patient & really knowledgeable."
Frantz P (Josemon)
Senior Network Specialist
"The Jax tutor helped me get ready for my math exam he was very helpful the work place is very nice I recommend him to every person that needs help with math"
Nedgyne T
"When I decided to take college precalculus, the Jax tutor helped me to get an understanding of the topic and actually pass my test in the class. I would most definitely recommend this company and I will be using their services again."
Raveen W

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