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We Believe Math Can Be Done Anywhere, Anytime & 24/7… That’s Why We Teach All of Our Students Online.

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A completely online math tutoring company that focuses on helping kids prepare for ACT, SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, all AP Math exams and other math classes.

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The Jax Tutor’s mission is to make learning easily accessible to every human being and living organism anywhere any anytime.

Our history

As he was being chased by what seemed and sounded like a giant monster, Romel’s heart was beating as he had just completed a race against Usain Bolt. When he turned around to go pick up a pair of slacks and a button-down shirt, they were all soaked in water. It had been a year now since he graduated high school. While he was getting ready for a nationwide college entry contest at one of the best engineering universities in the nation, he secretly took a job teaching 9th-grade physics. 

His mom was livid when she found out that he was a High School teacher. Since then, every day, it became harder and harder for him to find clothes to wear in the morning for his teaching job. Some days, Romel even had to hide his clothes on the roof or under his bed. But, every morning, Mary (Romel’s Mom) was doing some unexpected and unsolicited laundry that only included his working clothes.

Romel never really understood why his mom preferred him to go to university instead of teaching. Maybe, it was because the owner of the private school paid very poorly. But, Romel really didn’t pay too much attention to that; he was having fun.Eventually, he ended up going to university for engineering. However, the more he learned about engineers’ jobs, the least he liked it. So, he studied math. 

After graduating with Honors from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), the 2015 FGCU Hall of Fame Inductee,  attempted many math-related careers. Eventually, he turned to his passion and founded The Jax Tutor. 

The Jax Tutor is an ACT and SAT Math tutoring company that provides FREE online ACT and SAT Math exam prep. Every day, The Jax Tutor publishes several short and easily digestible videos via social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok (@thejaxtutor). Students who need additional help can schedule an appointment to work with an ACT and SAT Math tutor 24 hours a day either online or in-person.The Jax Tutor also offers local intensive ACT and SAT Math seminars throughout the US to help kids ace the ACT and SAT Math Exams. 

Romel has been helping kids with math for about 20 years. In his words, the last two decades has taught him that he is only a translator that helps students understand difficult math concepts. In the process of translating information, Romel usually ends up playing a much bigger role in students’ lives than he would ever imagine.



In conclusion, high school classes can be very difficult. In fact, math classes are usually the most challenging ones. However, extra help with math can be the difference between a student attending college and staying home. In Fact, helping your child raise their SAT or ACT test score by 30% can be the difference between you paying $45,000 per year for college tuition and not paying at all. That is why The Jax Tutor was created.

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