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Interactive, one-on-one, online tutoring to help busy parents whose kids need help with math.

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You want your child to excel at math. You want to brag to others about how proud you are of your child.

But There’s a Problem…

  • It’s hard to understand the teacher with 20 other kids on Zoom
  • You’ve tried many tutoring services but none work
  • There’s information overload
  • You are tired of seeing your child Google the answer to the test
  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • Most tutors are inexperienced and unreliable

The Jax Tutor has everything you need to take your child from where they are to their best math grade this year. We help your child master basic math skills to excel in any math class & become the smartest kid in the neighborhood. And for a fraction of the cost of other tutoring companies.

A Private Tutoring Experience Guaranteed to Help Your Child Make Progress and Excel in Math

Let’s face it, it’s really hard being the parent and the teacher at the same time. That’s why in these uncertain times, parents who trust us for personalized help with their children’s math classes see considerably improved grades at home. Because we want to meet your needs and the needs of your child, we have personalized our tutoring experience just for you. You can now schedule a private math tutor 24/7 for your exact need. Schedule now and receive real-time feedback on your child’s progress.

DO NOT let your child get behind in math. Two simple things you need to help your child excel in math this year.

You Want to Help Your Child Ace Math This Year?

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What Makes this One-on-One Tutoring Experience So Special?
It’s All About Going Back to the Basics.

During each private tutoring session, an experienced math tutor will break down each
complicated math concept in a very clear and simple way, using easy language that the student can understand. During every one-on-one tutoring session, the tutor makes it easy to master the basics necessary to truly understand math. This helps the child have confidence to be able to do math on their own. This also ensures that the child is not lost and he/she is actually learning math.


No. All of our one-on-one math tutoring sessions are paid tutoring. If you need free math tutoring videos, follow us on our socia medial channels. We do offer a free trial for any of our math classes.

If you have two or more children who need help with math, you will have to purchase one-on-one sessions for each child. You may also contact us for a discount. Email us at info@thejaxtutor.com.

When you purchase our 80 bundle (one-on-one tutoring sessions), we guarantee your child to make at least a B in the associated Math class, if not higher. If your child scores lower than a B in that Math class, we will refund the full bundle amount or we will teach your child for free the following year. Your child MUST complete the supplementary Math course associated with the specific one-on-one tutoring sessions that you purchased.

When one of our highly trained tutors goes live to assist your child with their Math homework or any Math related questions they may have. If you have purchased any of our products, you can send in a question to us prior to that live session we will help you with that question on Google Meet, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, or on YouTube.

Our live sessions are every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and Sunday will be added soon. Being one of our V.I.P. members means that you can send in your Math questions and get priority help LIVE.

Questions are answered on a first come, first serve basis.

Hey man, I just got an 800 math after watching your videos for a while. I had a pretty good score before but still they helped, so if you want me to send a screenshot of my score so you can post it as evidence of you helping I’d be happy to.

Jack H.

“The Jax tutor helped me get ready for my math exam he was very helpful the work place is very nice I recommend him to every person that needs help with math”

Nedgyne T.

“When I decided to take college precalculus, the Jax tutor helped me to get an understanding of the topic and actually pass my test in the class. I would most definitely recommend this company and I will be using their services again.”

Raveen W.

“During my junior and senior year of high school, i was falling behind in my pre cal and calculus quickly and my teachers were unable to help me catch up. After, spending a few days of various topics with Romel, a tutor that works here, i was catching up extremely fast and by the end of the semester i went from a F to a B plus. Thanks alot for helping me.”

Shauna H.

How Are We Different?

Every tutoring company will tell you that they can teach your child math. The same ones also can teach your child Spanish, hopscotch and violin.

But what does your child really need to excel in math?

It’s all about the basics.

Just like you and I don’t know off the top of our heads what 2,317 times 8,163 equals, it is the same way that your child will never know everything about math. However, we can both figure out the product of those two numbers by knowing simple basic rules of multiplication.

We don’t bombard your child with information overload, we just help them learn a few simple basic tricks to know exactly how to solve math problems. Those tricks will help your child become confident that they can take any math test by themselves and ace it. Here at The Jax Tutor, we truly believe that our math tips and tricks that we teach your child will help them become the smartest kid in the neighborhood.