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Why Choosing The Jax Tutor?

  • We help your kids get scholarship to any college or university in the United States by preparing them to take the PSAT/NMSQT, the ACT and the SAT exams. 
  • Because we are available 24/7, it’s always easy to get a tutor’s help anytime of the night or day. So, if your child is having trouble with a subject at 2:47 AM, we be there to help.
  • Our very simple platform with high quality video and audio call ensures that never you have to travel across town for a tutor again. Your kids can learn while you are working, sleeping, relaxing, or even watching your favorite TV shows.
  • To make sure that we always helping you kids succeed, we have produced over 1215 FREE online Math Videos on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeTikTok..

Targeted & Tailored

We pride ourselves on our ability to take your kids from their current level to their perfect score. Because we know each kid is different, we give you access to any live courses that you purchase for one full year. So even if you don't get your desired score on your first attempt, you can try again for FREE on us.

Online Help 24/7

If your kids know how to turn on a phone, they can find help with any math problems 24/7. In addition to helping each kids live, The Jax Tutor has over 1215 FREE videos online that your kids can refer to any time of the day or night.

Real One-on-One Tutor

Each students receive one-on-one live help from a real person, no prerecorded videos or outdated courses. Every time your kids turn on the computer a real person is there to help them.‚Äč

Want to Know More? Just Ask Them...

"During my junior and senior year of high school, i was falling behind in my pre cal and calculus quickly and my teachers were unable to help me catch up. After, spending a few days of various topics with Romel, a tutor that works here, i was catching up extremely fast and by the end of the semester i went from a F to a B plus. Thanks alot for helping me."
Shauna H
"Great teacher, patient & really knowledgeable."
Josemon A
Senior Network Specialist
"The Jax tutor helped me get ready for my math exam he was very helpful the work place is very nice I recommend him to every person that needs help with math"
Nedgyne T
"When I decided to take college precalculus, the Jax tutor helped me to get an understanding of the topic and actually pass my test in the class. I would most definitely recommend this company and I will be using their services again."
Raveen W

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